Date fast approaching: “From Vienna to Paris”. Don’t be disappointed – get your tickets soon.

The Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra presents its second live performance of the 2021-2022 season. This performance features local soloists Rob Hogeveen, Daniel Mills and newcomer to Kamloops, Jhonny Vasquez.image.png

The concert will begin with the well-known W.A. Mozart piece, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. This will be followed by the Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra by A. Vivaldi which features Jhonny Vasquez on guitar. Mr. Vasquez is a Venezuela-born musician and engineer who recently moved to Kamloops.   Rob Hogeveen and Daniel Mills were prepared to play the VIvaldi Concerto for Two Trumpets in 2020, and look forward to presenting the piece two years later. Now that is devotion!

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